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面试中面对外国老板连珠炮似的提问, 有没有觉得心慌意乱、无所适从?求职过程中面试尤为重要,回答问题,如果能简明扼要,真诚中肯,合乎老外口味,那么录取机会必定大大增加。本篇郑州英语口语培训小编摘录了若干面试中出现频率较高的问题及精彩回答,希望能在求职路上助您一臂之力。

Q: Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it.


A: With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking,responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.


Q:Give me a summary of your current job description.


A:I have been working as a computer programmer for five years. To be specific, I do system analysis, trouble shooting and provide software support.


Q:Why did you leave your last job?


A: Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.


A:I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement.


Q:How do you rate yourself as a professional?


A: With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent.


A:With my teaching experience, I am confident that I can relate to students very well.


Q: What contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization?


A: I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position.


Q:What do you think you are worth to us?


A:I feel I can make some positive contributions to your company in the future.


Q:What make you think you would be a success in this position?


A:My graduate school training combined with my internship should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful.


Q:Are you a multi-tasked individual?


or Do you work well under stress or pressure?


A:Yes, I think so.

A:The trait is needed in my current(or previous) position and I know I can handle it well.


Q:What is your strongest trait(s)?


A:Helpfulness and caring.


A:Adaptability and sense of humor.


A:Cheerfulness and friendliness.


Q: How would your friends or colleagues describe you?


A: (pause a few seconds)


They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends.


A:They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person.


Q:What personality traits do you admire?


A: (I admire a person who is)honest, flexible and easy-going.


A: (I like) people who possess the "can do" spirit.


Q:What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel?


A:I feel that learning how to motivate people and to work together as a team will be the major goal of my leadership.


A:I have refined my management style by using an open-door policy.


Q:How do you normally handle criticism?


A:Silence is golden. Just don't say anything; otherwise the situation could become worse. I do, however, accept constructive criticism.


A:When we cool off, we will discuss it later.


Q: What do you find frustrating in a work situation?


A: Sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me frustrated.


A:Minds that are not receptive to new ideas.


Q:How do you handle your conflict with your colleagues in your work?


A:I will try to present my ideas in a more clear and civilized manner in order to get my points across.


Q:How do you handle your failure?


A: None of us was born "perfect". I am sure I will be given a second chance to correct my mistake.


Q:What provide you with a sense of accomplishment.


A:Doing my best job for your company.


A:Finishing a project to the best of my ability.


Q:If you had a lot of money to donate, where would you donate it to?Why?


A:I would donate it to the medical research because I want to do something to help others.


A:I prefer to donate it to educational institutions.


Q:What is most important in your life right now?


A:To get a job in my field is most important to me.


A:To secure employment hopefully with your company.


Q:What current issues concern you the most?


A:The general state of our economy and the impact of China' entry to WTO on our industry.


Q: How long would you like to stay with this company?


A: I will stay as long as I can continue to learn and to grow in my field.


Q:Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?


A:As I have some administrative experience in my last job, I may use my organizational and planning skills in the future.


A:I hope to demonstrate my ability and talents in my field adequately.


A:Perhaps, an opportunity at a management position would be exciting.



It would be premature for me to predict this.



Hypothetically speaking, I might be able to do your current job as a director.

(或 CEO 或 president)((说不定,我也能做你现在主任的工作呢!)

Q: What range of pay-scale are you interested in?


A: Money is important, but the responsibility that goes along with this job is what interests me the most.


A: 假如你有家眷,可以说:

To be frank and open with you, I like this job, but I have a family to support.


Other Tips (其它建议)

Know something about the organization you are applying to.


Dress properly. Don't shake hand with the interviewer until he/she extends his/her hand.


Don't sit down until invited to do so by the interviewer.


Make eye-contact with the interviewer during the interview.


Listen actively and stay calm.


If invited to a meal, be especially careful about your table manners.


Don't talk with your mouth full.


Don't make much noise while you eat.


Don't blow your nose or use the toothpick at table.


Don't appear to be pushy or overly anxious to get a job.


Be honest

but not too modest.


Don't put yourself down or cut yourself up.


Try to avoid discussing politics or religion with your interviewer.